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First Saunders designed Planet Organic store opens in Henley-on-Thames


The first Saunders-designed new-concept Planet Organic store opened in Henley-on-Thames this week. This is the first in a wave of new planet friendly organic stores for the food brand, recognising the need for us all to change the way we shop, eat and live.

We were selected to design and develop Planet Organic’s ambitious store expansion programme, developing design standards for the organic sustainable food retailer to ensure that a wide range of organic planet-friendly products are merchandised in sustainable settings.

The new store in Henley-on-Thames is prominently located on the market square, with outdoor seating and canopies. The design considers energy consumption and material choices, whilst the concept enhances the customer experience, with a carefully planned layout, dynamic graphics and creative display solutions.

Managing Director of Saunders, Martin Williams, commented. ‘’We are delighted to be involved with a forward-thinking brand like Planet Organic. We bring our vast knowledge and experience from working in retail design and sustainable low carbon design to help benefit and reshape their future stores. Food retail has evolved and changed dramatically in the last few years. The next decade will be ever more crucial to providers who want to stay ahead in this highly competitive industry.’

Saunders have a wealth of expertise designing for food retail after developing over 250 stores and store extensions for major food retailers such as Tesco. They also designed many UK retail initiatives designing the first Carbon Neutral store, the first store on stilts, the first mezzanine store and the first 100,000 sq. ft. net sales store across the UK. They also successfully predicted what our supermarkets for 2020 would look and feel like, and are currently examining how food retail design will emerge in 2030.

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First Saunders designed Planet Organic store opens in Henley-on-Thames

The first Saunders-designed new-concept Planet Organic store opened in Henley-on-Thames this week. This is the ...


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