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Saunders is greater than the sum of its parts, this week it’s the turn of Jade Tubb


Saunders is greater than the sum of its parts thanks to the very talented Saunders team. Here’s an insight into just a few individuals, who are all at various stages of their career. This week it’s the turn of Jade Tubb!

Tell me about your career so far, including your training.

I first started at Saunders shortly after I left school, at just 18 years old. After two years I decided to follow my passions, leaving for university to study Games Art and Design (Concept Art) at Norwich University of the Arts. After graduating and discovering that roles in concept art are really difficult to come by, I re-joined Saunders. I’m really grateful that Saunders has been supportive of my journey.

What initially attracted you to architecture?

Architecture is the way we create the world we live in, which is similar to concept art except it applies to real life! You have to balance functionality and aesthetics.

Name one of two of your favourite buildings/styles of architecture and explain why

I’ve always found Indo-Islamic architecture to be a really impressive style. You have a lot of different tiered shapes that create a harmonic, grand silhouette that looks impressive at a large scale. But then there’s also a lot of detail at a granular level, so close up there’s still a lot to look at. It’s striking and ornamental but not overwhelming.

What attracted you to Saunders?

Reciprocal investment in their employees is a really great quality of Saunders. They have a very open atmosphere which makes it easy to be transparent about your goals. I really admire how adaptable and supportive they are with someone’s journey: it feels like a mutually beneficial agreement. I’m able to learn skills I’ll carry with me whilst meaningfully contributing to projects.

What work are you most proud of?

One of my recent projects has been really fulfilling. I’ve utilised 3D skills to model a site layout and concept art design principles to create some marketing illustrations that I’m really proud of. There’s a lot of synergy present in a project where I can use the skills from my degree and Saunders can benefit too.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Aside from drawing and video games, I really like to learn about the world, whether that’s through art, music, podcasts, reading, walking or exploring cities… I think when you have a sedentary job it’s important to stay active and keep your mind active too.

Tell me something about yourself that your colleagues may not know

I actually studied Japanese for a year – I had a tutor – but unfortunately due to lack of practise my knowledge of it has faded significantly. I’d like to pick it up again in the future!

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