1st December 2015

St Albans House Gets Commendation

We are very proud to announce that the house in St Albans, Hertfordshire, that Saunders Partnership took from concept to completion has just received a commendation from the St Albans Civic Society, stating

"This spacious, well appointed house, which replaces an earlier, conventional red-brick one on the site, is a welcome, modern addition to Marshal’s Drive.
Apparently two storeys high, in fact the house has four habitable floors, with extensive living accommodation on the ground floor, bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper two floors, leisure and service facilities in the basement, all linked by an impressive top-lit staircase. The house is built to the highest standards, well insulated and very energy efficient. The attention to detail extends to the external spaces which are carefully landscaped, so that house and garden become one.
A welcome supplement to the, all too few, good, modern houses in St Albans."